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Keith Turman of the Comic WorkshopKeith Turman is an honest innovator determined to create perfection with cast concrete, steel, wood, plastic, and fiberglass at his specialty fabrication shop, the Cosmic Workshop. Turman's “all things cosmic” mantra reverberated with Bob “Daddy-O” Wade when asked to assist the Texas legend with The Big One, the Iguana Mobile, and Billy Blues Smokesax in Houston.

Shannon Wynne, the legendary founder of hot spots such as Tango, Eight-O, Flying Saucer and Flying Fish was quoted in a recent Style magazine “Keith can make anything I put in front of him.” after Turman created the giant stainless steel spoon sculpture at his residence in Dallas.

Keith Turman's client list is a virtual who's who of numerous private clients, restaurants, nightclubs, advertising agencies, architecture firms, film studios, museums, and video game developers across the country.

The intangible qualities of Turman's craftsmanship turn a client's dream into reality. Contact Keith to make your dream come true.


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